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About Us

For over 21 years BTTB Travel has been catering to the travel community of North America, offering more seats on more Airlines to more destinations at more competitive fares. From a modest beginning in India, BTTB  has blossomed into one of the country's elite, most influential  While our growth has been dramatic and sustained we have not sacrificed the personal, dedicated, professional attention to detail that has been the trademark of BTTB  since our inception.

When we say, "We can make a World of Difference" here's why:

1. Reliability - Since 1995 we have been providing Travel Agents and consumers throughout India and the US with the most affordable fares on the broadest choice of Carriers to the greatest variety of destinations. Through our offices in Connecticut and Chennai we provide our agents and consumers with a professional, hassle-free experience that converts the most discerning shopper into a loyal customer.

2. Choice - Whatever your clients destination or choice of Carrier you can rely on BTTB to make the arrangements under the best available terms.

3. Price - Because of the volume we generate year after year, we can negotiate the most competitive prices with the widest variety of Carriers serving the most destinations and provide you and your client the best value.

4. Service - Our experienced staff, Will tell you Leave Your Travel Worries to US


Since opening our doors in India, in 1995 and operating on a platform of service, reliability and integrity BTTB  has quietly grown . Our initial mission was to address the needs of a growing Indian population and our operation was primarily retail. Ever alert to a changing industry and developing distribution channels BTTB  was eager to accept the challenge

While India and the Indian market segment continue to be our primary source of revenue. BTTB World, early on in the game, was very quick to recognize that in order not only to survive but to flourish, would have to be more than just another

 We are currently in the process of launching a state of the art Website through which we hope to generate greater efficiencies to our operation. The Website will represent a premier solution for product distribution and reservation processing that will present our product consistently to a wider spectrum of users. By consolidating all contractual information to one database we will be able to reduce the high cost associated with multiple data input. This initiative will also allow us to launch a private label Internet solution targeted toward the consumer so that we can exploit a new revenue stream and in the process reap higher margin transactions by developing our Retail potential.


To represent and serve the carriers who appoint us their patrons and clients with respect, integrity and accountability.


To assist the Carriers in the provision of high quality, value oriented, industry approved products and services that meet the needs of the most demanding consumer.
To cooperate with the Carriers in the development, implementation and streamlining of cost effective, efficient procedures.


·           We place customers first.
·           We provide world-class products, meticulous service and unrivaled expertise.
We enjoy and take pride in our work.


BTTB  has arrived where it is today with a prudent strategy of managed growth and strategically motivated expansion. We currently have offices in Connecticut and Chennai and have plans for further expansion consistent with our marketing strategies. One of the most difficult challenges in expansion is finding qualified personnel. BTTB  recognizes that you can have Airlines contracts, prices and destinations but, if you do not have qualified, dedicated people to interface with your clients, you have nothing.                

Our people are our greatest asset and our goal is to keep them happy, motivated and working toward their full potential.

Our reservations and sales staff have been carefully chosen for their experience and enthusiasm. They are well versed in our product and each brings their own unique dimension to our working environment.

Market Presence

Customer Service and Quality Control

Reservations are housed at 2418 Main Street,Bridgeport,CT 06606.

where our hours of business Monday through Friday are 9 AM to 7:30 PM and Saturday from 9 AM to 3 PM.

Technology and Systems

BTTB  primary system is Sabre,

 Running later this year. Our commitment to e-commerce, supported by a substantial advertising campaign promises to be an enormous success.

BTTB tracks sales by source and individual production on a daily basis and uses this information as the basis for incentive programs both internally and externally.

Our Strengths

BTTB  has been active in the travel market since 1995 and in that time has developed a high profile reputation of quality, integrity and professionalism.
Prudent expansion has created a strategic presence that can effectively reach and service the demographics most airlines cater to.
BTTB has assembled an innovative management team combining the experience, knowledge and vision that is necessary to cope with the challenges of the technical and philosophical changes in marketing of an ever-evolving Airline industry.