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Rules & Regulations

We do receive emails,
All Fares listed in our website are subject to availability
Fares are Subject to change without notice
Prices are only guaranteed if booked and purchased on the same day
Some airlines' tickets are non-refundable but can be changed to higher fare
Please ask your agent if your ticket is restricted
Check visa requirements with the consulate
Be advised that penalties apply for changes and refunds. Check with your BTTB travel agent before purchasing your tickets.
Penalties are from $375* and above to non-refundable per ticket as per the airlines policy
Change for return is allowed for a penalty of $250* and above depending upon the airline
Credit card fees are additional depending upon airline
Please use the Fax Reservation Form provided. Form should be faxed to BTTB(203 595 5333)
We apologize, but are not responsible for, any typographical errors made in this website.